Long compilations sometimes leak in the run output

This never happened to me on regular puzzle, but right now there’s a timed challenge going on, my code isn’t as clean as I’d like it to be, and my compilation times tend to go very (very) high.

And every now and then, this ends up as a very weird AI bot output:
“Linking /tmp/Answer …” (followed by a framework timeout)

(obviously it’s not visible on the replay, but if it helps you trace it it’s there.)

It’s not permanent, retrying usually works. But it could be a bit more inconvenient if it happened when submitting instead of simply testing.
Is there a “Haskell compilation timeout” knob you could crank up a bit?

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Confirm, there is a problem with Haskell, timeout on first move
And if you check “play in IDE”, it works as designed

At least five of my matches in finals end up in timeout before first move (96560390 96565160 96569014 96577466), so I’m increasingly suspicious.

I can only hope this hasn’t impacted my (and Haskell’s) ranking too much, it doesn’t feel fair to be penalized for that :worried: