Looking for a good App or platform to write Doc

Hi ! I’m currently looking for an app or a platform to write documentation at work and was wondering is any of you had anything good to suggest :slight_smile:

I work a small indie game development company and so far we’ve been 2 programmers who worked together in the past. We both have a fair amount of experience and are used to dig in undocumented, unknown and scary codebase.

But 1 month ago, we hired a new junior programmer, fresh out of school with 0 work experience. Before he came in, I wrote a step by step on-boarding tutorial in… humm… cough … Microsoft Word :grimacing:. It was a pain to write doc in it, always having to care about how it formats and how it aligns. Also the format of a tutorial is not really a good one for future references. The new programmer has a hard time to find info about what he saw in the tutorial since its kind of long and hard to search in.

We actually hired a second junior program with 0 experience and he will soon join us, so the need for doc will be even bigger. So far I underestimated the amount of time I have to spend mentoring, with two of them, I wont have any more time to code myself, having at least something they can look up for their simple questions would be of great help.

So, do you guys know of a good app or platform that you enjoyed both reading and writting doc on it ? Something that can:

  • Write doc fast without too much trouble with formatting
  • Adding image is simple and fast
  • Can self reference content in it
  • Easy to search in
  • Support code snipet (automatic syntax coloring could be nice too)
  • If on the internet: confidential, requires a private access.

Thanks !

We are using Confluence at work.

So far it seems pretty good, but we are still doing n the process of migrating from a wiki. Aaand I have no idea about pricing…

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If budget is tight, google drive is a nice option for online shared editing docs, sheets, slides and drawings, and for storing pdf and whatever files needing to share. I use it for small team sharing and personal uses.

M$ onenote is another option but I did not use it much.

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I think you’re looking to have an internal wiki

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Yeah I think in the end I need a wiki. Thanks for the link, I’ll check them out to see what best suits my needs.

@hoeskioeh I did use confluence in a previous work, I totally forgot about it haha, But I think it’s a bit overkill for something that would be used by a small team, there are like news pages, comments and likes and I just assumed it was expensive (but strangely I cant find any prices).

@java_coffee_cup google drive is cool to share stuff, but I dont think it allows self reference (like a link to another doc page) and search. I also used MS onenote in the past, while it does all of the above ( we actually have a license for it at work) it is a bit chaotic and still tedious to format properly, it’s a case of “less is better”.

But thanks guys for the tips :smiley:

these are the few platforms for writing documents:
Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

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