Mars Lander Achievements

Hi Staff, and members,

I’ve recently finished the Mars Lander lvl2, which, in my opinion, should be in hard difficulty rather than medium difficulty. Many other medium difficulty problems are much simpler than this one.

By the way, I’m suggesting the addition of a great achievement to this problem: I’ve completed Mars Lander 2 with 100% of “Success: kudos! Perfect landing. Opportunity reached Mars safe and sound!” instead of hard landing but this didn’t give me any additional reward. Could be great, since there is a difference in the standard output stream when landed, to add an achievement about Perfect landing.

Thanks for your attention, keep up the good work on this great website, and good luck to the members to complete this challenge.


hi @tagh_azog, your idea is cool, but I even if you did a great job landing perfectly, I don’t think it will be implemented, here is why.

There is an optimisation puzzle for mars landers 2 that require you to use the less fuel possible (aka the contrary of what you’ve been doing). You should definitely give it a go if you like mars landers 2: Optimization page

Another argument against your idea will be that there is already a third achievement for this puzzle.

Nevertheless, I’ll summon those in charge of this and they will answer you better than I can. @G_Rom @MaximeC

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