Maximum code size


I couldn’t submit my final code in last contest (carribeans) because I got an error (my code being too long).
It was something like 2000 lines (with a lot of auto-generated comments), I don’t know if it’s really so big (I tried various things - sometimes unnecessary, but hey it’s all about having fun). Plus I was using whitespace (not tabs).

So anyway that’s big, but not so big, so I don’t think my code should be kicked for being too long.

Is there a bug in the editor ?
Is there a limitation in the challenge ? If so, this is completely undocumented and there is no way to know what the limit is. Not even talking about the fact that some languages need more “text” size than others
If the limit is about code size in bytes… huh… this means we encourage dirty code with no space/indentation/comments/dirty tiny variable names, which I don’t believe being the goal of codingame (but that’s just my point of view).

I have friends that encountered the same issues, at least in java and C# languages.

Will the issue be fixed for the next challenges ?
Thank you for support.

PS: sent a mail as suggested but got no response after several weeks…

The code limit size is 100k bytes. If you have very long lines, it’s possible to reach the limit with 2k lines but i don’t want to see your code (i’m sure it trigger eye cancer).

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you’re right that was much more than 2k lines (I didn’t remember the exact number but it’s not so important).
But writing a lot of comments + auto-generated comments on each field/method + using whitespace instead of tabs (+ some “quick testing” methods, sometimes ugly ^^), 100k is quickly reached

I wonder how you can reach 100k “quickly”. My biggest code on coding ggame is my code for The Great Escape. I wasn’t god as i am now. It’s very much of copy/pasting, very ugly code. And i have “only” 88k characters.