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Use this topic to report bugs or remarks about the Mean Max contest.

If you still don’t know what Mean Max is yet, take a look here :

The referee code will be publicly available on Github when the contest starts:

Current bugs:

Fixed bugs:

PS: We might hide replies to this post once taken care of in order to keep things clear.

Can we show appreciation too here? Loving these little mean Reapers… thanks! :grin:


Wood 1 description doesn’t mention the range limitations on the destroyer skill, so it’s quite easy for destroyers to be sat not doing anything.


I think this line is missing:
All skills have a range of 2000 and a radius of 1000

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Yes this line is not in the wood 1 statement but it is present in bronze statement. We’ll change it.

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Inputs description is truncated in french (at least when in Wood3) as it only describe the units lines

Maybe I just don’t know or not aware of - but Agade, Magus and other 2 creators shouldn’t take part in this competition, or am I wrong? As far as I know creators/their families/their relatives :slight_smile: are not allowed to take part in contests organized by them. Or is it somehow different?

We are allowed to play. But we can’t win any prize :stuck_out_tongue: We are just here for the fun.


Yeap, I just thought that way :slight_smile:

This is better, a contest would not be the same without you!
I like you function sing :slight_smile:

As always, Im stuck in bronze with my greedy algorithms. Can’t wait to see the solutions discussion afterwards. Always learn a lot from that :smiley:

Some type of input and output are missing. All field sould have type; both of input (read from cin) and output (print to cout)

For example,

  • there is no mention that mass will be provide as float (x.y)
  • can the ouput X Y THROTTLE all be float?

I am using a strongly type language, those infomation are important, espacially when parsing.

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I agree it should be somewhere in the statement but the default code template should read it as a double/float. So you can have the information.

No. X and Y must be integer.

Hello. I am wondering if I can go back to an earlier game mode to test. I want to tweak my reaping code and the Bronze league is too cluttered to tell if my changes are having effect. Thanks.


I think it will be useful to write in rules that collisions are not elastic. In collision (with any object and border) we lost speed (50% of impulse). Of course it is minimum impulse as in previous games - but non elastic collision is something new in CG games. I lost a while bofore I found it in source code.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You know that you can watch replay in slow mode (even 0.1 speed)? It is easier to analyze what’s going on.

I do not know the way to return to previous league (I think it is impossible), but always you can use second login. But if you bot will be too good - will be promoted any way :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah, I don’t really want to go back to the lower league, just wanted to have those conditions in the ide for testing. I have used the slow speed, yes, but the speed isn’t the issue, it’s the clutter. I think I’m good anyway, though. Thanks again.