Moar achievement - Details?

Hi staff,

Thanks for all the good work with new achievements.
I was wondering why did those games specifically got achievements? Was it because they are easy to bypass without the proper algorithm? Or was it because they are just the first of many other?

BTW why Bash rider? I mean, it isn’t really one of the feature of this puzzle, unlike with the mars lander, batman or skynet.

Thanks for everything anyway :slight_smile:
@fredericdesmoulins @FredTreg @cup_of_tea

Hi CvxFous,

The main idea behind the current success was to put achievements not on the validity of the solutions, but on the way they were solved. So text-based problems (temperatures, ascii-art … ) with unique output solution were not interesting here.
We tried to challenge the best codingamers in optimizing the solutions to solve quickly a situation given by a test (or by limiting the resources used, like for Mars puzzles).
Some problems / tests can’t have this kind of achievements, because some tests were already asking for a “perfect solution” (thor vs giants, kirk’s labyrinth if we are considering the backtrack step when enclenching alarm), or some achievements based on number of steps would be too random (kirk’s labyrinth exploring step, depending on moving order).
There are surely others achievements possibles, that we might implement maybe later, but I can’t really tell you when and what problems can be affected.

For bash rider, @FredTreg is better suited to answer.

Thanks for your great job as moderator :wink:

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