More info about failed test cases during submission

Currently solving “Horse Racing Duals puzzle” in bash. Can’t pass “All horses tie” and “Horses in desorder”.
Need more info about fail - wrong number or timeout. I optimized my code a lot but still fail.
Maybe some clue about test case not just their name.

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If you’re talking about the test cases present on ide, you can find them at the bottom of the statement (top left area).
You have the list of input/outputs files.

The tests used on submission are very close. But I can’t give you more informations about these ones.

I can just tell you that the names for the test cases are very explicit. And when the test cases have a short input/output, except for explicit big data tests or in this case “Numerous horses”

thank you for your answer.
i’m about test cases used on submission. and i suggest to differ fail because of wrong result and timeout. and be more verbose on results.
so your answer is that i have bug in my code not just slow code?

I don’t know, you have to test yourself with test cases that correspond to the name of the test you fail.
By making your own test cases to see what is wrong with your code, you’ll become better.

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that was logic issue. i thought i handled it.
however i request to make validation results more verbose in case of fail.

I’m trying the Racing Horses. The 2nd test case is “Shorter difference on the first 2 horses” – the rest of my tests pass perfectly. I can’t even see where this would be broken, and yet there’s no feedback on it. I can’t tell if it’s got negative numbers, or some other weird input, or what. There’s clearly something wrong with it, and not my solution. How can we find console output for the non-ide test cases?


What about improving result display on validation tests ?

You could keep the “X” for really wrong answers, and change it to a clock or an hourglass when it fails due to a timeout.


I had same issue in javascript, I forgot that Array.sort() is alphabetical not numeric. You will need to add a sort function.

function(a, b){return a-b}