Multiple accounts allowed?

Hi there,
I’m currently participating to the on going challenge and having a lot of fun.
I’m also a little bit frustrated, because you need so much time to get your ranking. I pushed at 3:30pm and I’m still only at 80% completed !
I would have plenty of fine tuning to try before the end, but I can’t do anything more as I won’t get the results before the end of the game.
So I was wondering, is it allowed to play simultaneously with multiple accounts ?
I guess it would not, but I didn’t see anything specified about it in the rules.
Thanks for your quick answer and long live codingames !

No. The rules are here:
“Participation is strictly personal ; each Participant may only register once for a particular CodinGame Contest and may not participate in any way on behalf of third parties.”

Roger copy that.

I’m fairly certain if people had multiple accounts it would take EVEN longer to get to 100% Complete for arena testing.

As that time to complete the testing is handled by bots competing against other bots… and their results being kept track of. With your rank able to go up and down simply via another bot facing you in a 3 player match or 4player match and it giving you a better play through.

So yeah… multiple accounts would just make the matter worse. Keep in mind, each turn is allowed a 100ms (or was it 1000ms?) Time out for outputting a move. So each match is going to be 30secs (or 300secs? 5Minutes?)… and the more people in the contest, the more matches each bot will have to do and attempt. Meaning it will take even longer to get that 100% complete for testing.