Multiscreen support

I am using two screens when programming and would find extremely useful if it would be possible to take the coding part of the app into separate panel and move it on second screen, while having tests and output on the other. I think that this addition would allow us, multiscreen users, a lot of space to work with.

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Why not just program in your regular IDE on a separate screen?I find it much more usable (debug, syntax highlight and everyday tools usage).

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I really like the idea. We add it to the request feature list.

It is true that it is also possible to use an external IDE, but the advantage of the codingame one is that there is no setup required. It is also a bit difficult to debug AI bot in multiplayers contests without using the CodinGame IDE.


I know that on Poker Chip Race you can write a message for a chip to appear.

But how to debug Tron / Game of Drones? I think i tried strerr in both (using Console.Error in C#) and didn’t succeed:)