My new job

Hello Guys,
juste to tell you that thanks to CodinGame, one of my dreams become reality. I spend one year here, to evaluate my programming skills, and I began six month ago to offer my candiature throught contest participation. Quickly I got several recruitment meetings and was invited in big firms like “WinAMax” and “Parrot” and meet lot of nice people (some of you :wink: ). I 'm in my brand new job since 2 month, and I’m glad and proud to finally exert a job that I like and for which I am not graduate. Without Codingame, this kind of recrutement would not have been possible.
This just to share my experience with you. It was my Great Escape :wink:


That’s amazing! Where are you working? WinAMax or Parrot? Or neither?

You alone prove that skills or totally indepedent or one’s school background. I’m really glad for you, when you got time, keep practising here and don’t forget to tell everyone about this place :wink:

Thanks… trust me … I’ll keep talking about CodinGame for years. Nor Parrot or WinAMax… in fact it’s a smaller company in Nanterre. So my rules are my tasks are more varied.

Good luck Dave in your new job ;-). For sure CodinGame makes it possible to meet people and get new opportunities :slight_smile:

Thanks Thierry. This new challenge experience myself but it is exactly what I was looking for. Good luck for you too in your ( new) job :wink:

This is awesome McKelian! Any advice you can offer to those who are on a similar journey?

First of all, I wish you good luck Steven. Never forget to be yourself! Working for a firm, a boss, a costumer, is relationship. You have to show your motivation, and you need to ask to your self what are the elements that attracted you to this job. Take time to know more about your future firm. This will allow you to have more things to say and to ask, and show that you have the interest. I repeat, be yourself, and have trust :wink:


Really Nice to hear that!
We are proud of you too :slight_smile:

See you in the next challenge!

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All the best in your new job :smiley:

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Amazing !

Just to elavuate myself could you tell what is your level approximatly ?

@SuigetsuSake have a look to leaderboard. But if I could do it, be sure you can too. It’s just a question of determination and time.