My respect for those that prioritized human lives over zombie-combos!

Congratulations for all those that prioritized human lives over zombie-combos. You are the real winners of this contest <3
Congratulations to the scoring winners too, this was too much fun , but seriously if the rules would be more “ethically correct” the competition for the top places would be more tight.
In the last hours after people seeing the replays from the top coders (they are fantastic geniuses, my respects ) the strategy become… lets all break our beautiful algorithms for saving humans and try to make just super combos.
I’m not complaining that was fun anyway but I still think it would be more competitive the other way around.



Saving all humans (or a maximum of humans) is pretty easy and require less than one hour of coding for best coders here. So the contest would be very boring if the score was only based on humans lives.


Well, saving maximum of human is not very easy. Saving at least 1 human is easy, this is true.

Survival Rule #34

Always keep an eye on the guy who is mumbling the Fibonacci sequence in its own corner.


Hi @Magus,

I agree, saving the maximum possible number of humans is easy.
Saving a single man, forget the rest in a test populated of zombies while trying to focus on making the bigger combo ever (Particularity the CG test). Seems pretty easy too, if you focus on this task from the beginning.

How it would be actually hard:
Saving the maximum possible number of humans first, then… try to make the best combos while keeping your buddies alive. <-- That’s really a challenging task.

In order to make it work just make the live of every human unit very valuable, then let the combos be less “profitable” without a Fibonacci-score-breaker sequence…

In conclusion you get a more challenging contest with even a better message for our human logic: Save lives first, have fun after.