Need help on AI algorythms

Hello everyone,
now the codebusters contest is over I feel more comfortable asking for help about a couple algorythms implementation that seems useful for this type of challenge.

The 2 themes I identify I needed more experience on are:

  • tree of possibilities algorythms (minimax, pruning, monte Carlo, …): I understand how they work and what are the algorythms but I fail at implementing it, running out of memory or time in my implementations (I tried Monte Carlo in the Zombie contest (actually in the multi-game as I had a totally different algorythm during the actual contest) for example, or some minimax in Tron). Could someone help me with code examples or anything that can help me to have a functionning code?

  • Order queue: I have seen in the latest contest and in previous ones, people using queues to handle their actions. Using priorities to select what actions to do, probably using that queue to keep an order from a turn to the next ones and having a “team strategy”, but I kind of fail to see how it is done, and what have to be coded to implemente such kind of decision making process. (I know how to make a queue, I am just not sure with what to fill it and what type of clearing mecanism I should have). There again, if anyone can provide tips, I’d be grateful!

I thank in advance anyone patient enough to help me,