New interface: source code of games

In the old interface it was possible to see other contestants’ source code from the leaderboard. Unless I’m missing something this is no longer possible in the new interface. Seeing others’ source code was a good way to learn and compare solutions.

Could that be restored?



We are definitely on the same line. Share source code is a good thing and this is why we wanted that all code produced by coders during challenge, be licensed under GPL.

Since we have released the new platform, we have been forced to disable this feature for a while to keep the concept of puzzle and achievements on the platform interesting (since puzzle are mostly exercices from past challenges, it would be too easy to copy/paste the code from the 1st programmers and unlock everything without any effort).

But we are thinking everyday about how to enable the code sharing again without losing the interest in achievements. Although we have some ideas on our side to make puzzle achievements and contests code sharing compatible, we are also open to all ideas.

Thanks for your patience and comprehension

Maybe grant access to the people who already compled the challenge/puzzle as a reward?


Thanks for the game and this advise. But before seeing others’ source code, can I retrieve my own code? Well, I’m the first time attending a contest on this website. I write all the code here which means I didn’t copy that to my local disc and I didn’t expect to lose the access to my code after submission. I even thought I can modify the code and resubmit it later. So can you make us able to review our own code? Or did I miss something?

Your code is shown in your results which is available now (a little while after the contest is over).

Yes, it is a good first step, easy to implement.