New successes?

I suggest these new successes:

  • You follow 1/10 CGer (no more, no less, some CGers run after this).
  • You are followed by 1/3/5/10/50/100 CGers (like the likes).
  • You proposed 1/3/5/10 CoC (the moderation can cancel (and not only refuse) shitty CoC that are only made for this success).
  • 1 proposed CoC is refused (it’s not a shitty and cancelled CoC) if and only if you have an accepted CoC.
  • 1/3/5/10 proposed CoC are accepted.

Theoriticaly I say yes to more achievements (they work well as virtual cookies).

I am not sure the one about submitting a CoC or having one refused is a healthy one. This would push people to submit anything, or crap, to get it. And I think validating a CoC is some work from the CiG team. This might just increase their workload without necessary add value to the website (short: it will cost a lot of money for nothing). Maybe some achievement for approved CoC, to push valuable submission, but it has to aligne with their strategy (since we, again, are talking about cost over time which are not totally predictable and not limited in time).

Some more ideas from my side:
1- Achievemens for optimisation website (either simple like score more than X or more twisting like “lose no more than 2 humans through all tests” in code vs zombies or “finish bilbo in with points > X using only 7 stones”
2- Achievements for multiplayer puzzles, mostly about beating an AI.
3- Eventualy more forum realted achievements if you want to grow it, though those might lead to flood.

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1 - I’d love to see that, even if I still haven’t code a proper AI for bilbo while it’s a game I created :stuck_out_tongue: I love those kind of challenges, but please no more “Finish this puzzle using this esoteric language”, yes I’m looking at you Clojure Looper

2 - Yeah, but AI are really easy to beat, but with different AI levels, that could be really cool. (But need some work on the CG part)

3 - Not sure about this one, We already had a wave of spam once for the liking achievement, and another wave of disapproval by people who weren’t community-friendly. I guess we can add more, but they need not to award too many points.

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Agreed. The same with hiorse racing and bash. On one hand, it is nice that the website encourages to ry new languages, but that is just… :confused: . I am postphoning everyday the day where I should translate it.

Those do not have to be very hard either. Just a nice little badge priving that one naild it 8) It might require work, this is true. It remains IMO less in the long term view than de CoC submision ideas of Nicolas.

Its why I wrote “eventualy”. I have been modding a forum once upon a time, and those kind of achievement can also lead to some bad behaviors.

I changed the refused success: now it’s if and only if you already have an accepted CoC.