No DSP on CG?

I know the whole “game” aspect of CodinGame leans heavily towards AI, bots, search algorithms, and such, but I can’t help noticing there’s no content at all related to digital signal processing, which is essential for image, video and audio computing. There’s one very hard puzzle, Music Scores, which deals with some image reading. My own frequency analysis submission has stalled.
Is DSP interesting to anyone here? Would DSP-related puzzles be allowed?
I would like to write a puzzle related to FIR filters - find the delay and scale needed to boost and attenuate a few specific frequencies in a signal. But very basic.
This is stuff that is EVERYWHERE in our everyday computer and phone usage, but nowhere on this site. Anyone else think it would make sense to be here?


I was also surprised how hard this site hits CS while barely touching EE, considering they are often taught in the same department and have so much overlap. I’d be surprised if a DSP contribution got approved, there would be consternation and clamoring for yet another graph theory, pathfinding, tiling, etc. puzzle to add to the pile instead.

It could be argued the plethora of “ASCII art analysis” puzzles are a form of it.

The last Bender puzzle, and Particle detection also come to mind.