No such file or class on classpath: Player


I’m doing the contest in Scala and the issue I’m facing is that when I change something in the IDE and hit “Play my code” or “Replay in same conditions”, I’m being eliminated on the first tick with message “No such file or class on classpath: Player”. When I hit the button several more times, it works occasionally. I spend quite some time on clicking the button repeatedly. I also have a feeling that it’s getting worse with the growing codebase.

Thanks in advance,

Hm, I think it only happens when I paste the code from another editor. I guess, an empty code is being sent in this case.


I can’t reproduce the bug with the defaut Scala code. What external editor are you using?

I’m using Scala IDE (Eclipse based) with the CG-Sync plugin in Chrome and it works smoothly.
Worked since years and works in this contest.
Is it specific to this contest ? Or do you have the same issue in single player puzzles ? Can you reproduce the issue with the Onboarding “mission” ?

I’m using Intellij Idea.
I’ll give the plugin a try! I’ve been copy-pasting manually. I think it can have something to do with how Idea handles copy-paste - it copies some meta information as well (it doesn’t end up in browser IDE of course)