Not getting points for Bilbo's Forest

I’ve been working on the Bilbo’s Forest optimization puzzle for a few days, but I haven’t received any points for my submissions. Why is this?

@m_slusky can you give us the username you use on the website?

EDIT: It seems that you are Maggles, if so you have the following points:
OPTI GAMES: 1871CG Points

  • Bilbo’s Forest - 10/1089 = 945 CG Points
  • CG Contest - 15/1274 = 927 CG Points

GOLFS: 19 CG Points

  • Power of Thor
  • Python3 390/883 = 19 CG Points

Is that correct?

Yes, it updated now. Thanks!

@m_slusky just so you know, points from everything beside solo puzzles are only updated once a day, around 1A.M.