Odd F# behavior, Out of date?

When using F# to solve puzzles, there are some seemingly normal functions that aren’t allowed. For example, it’s perfectly valid to use Array.unfold with the current version of mono/F#, but if I use it on a problem here I get:

error FS0039: The value, constructor, namespace or type 'unfold' is not defined

Is this a result of the version of F# being used by the system being out of date, a quirk in the system, or am I doing something wrong?


As stated in the super hidden site FAQ, the available version of F# is 3.1. So, no Array.unfold which has been introduced in F# 4.

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20 minutes digging through the forums, you’d think I’d have the sense to look at the page footer. Thanks for the help.

F# has been updated!
=> https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/languages-update-swift-3/2537

@TwoSteps, That’s great. Thank you and your team for all work you put in.