Old contests code

Is it possible to re-access the code that we wrote during a contest?

Cheers !

Hey :slight_smile:

If you go on the leaderboard of a challenge you did, there is a button report that will let you access your code.

You have multiple way to go to that leaderboard:

  1. From the leaderboards page, click on ‘view all leaderboards’ and select a challenge to see its leaderboard.
  2. From your profile there is a table displaying your performance on the contests you did. You can click on the name of the challenge and that will redirect you to its leaderboard.
  3. From the contests page, select the previous contest tab and click on a challenge to access its leaderboard.

Hey yohann, thanks a lot !!

Hi everyone!
Is it still possible to access code submitted on old contests? I would like to get the code I submitted for Code a la mode but I don’t see any report button.

Mine is right there: https://www.codingame.com/contests/finished


Thank you very much! I found the button on that page.