Old contributions in CoC?

Where are the old contributions in Clash of codes?
For example Resistance 1 and 4 disappeared before I finished this series of contributions.

Resistance 1 is now available as a clash and Resistance 4 has been discarded because it was too hard for a clash. Only pending contributions are shown.

Every week, the dev team moderates some clashes. We’ve started with the oldest contributions first.

Nicolas : Here is the level 4, if you want try it. It’s more or less 80 lines of code but the ASCII parsing is a pain in the ass. :smiley:

Stub C#:

using System;
class Solution
    static void Main()
        int N = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); // Number of line          
        for (int i = 0; i < N; i++)
            String line = Console.ReadLine(); // Read a line
            Console.Error.WriteLine(line); // Display the line in the error output to debug


Here is the source: http://jagc.org/task/53ea76ee5fbd2d2a1e090000 (Statement in english)

Can’t there be a place where the moderated contributions are kept?
Some of them interested me (even if I kept my code, I didn’t keep the instructions).

The reason why we hide accepted contributions is to make it more difficult for people to prepare solution and copy-paste it when they get the question in CoC.

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You should instead change a bit the contribution.