"Onboarding" keeps opening

When I access “Codingame”, it occasionally (about 50% of the time, apparrently when IP switches) opens on the tutorial puzzle “Onboarding”. Any ideas as for why this might be happening or how to disable it? It is actually getting pretty annoying :sweat_smile:
Thank you in advance for your response!

Could you give me more details about what is happening?

You access https://www.codingame.com and you’re redirected to https://www.codingame.com/training/easy/onboarding
https://www.codingame.com/ide/puzzle/onboarding ?

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I get redirected to https://www.codingame.com/ide/puzzle/onboarding ; not just that, but with full-on tutorial (how to copy-paste, ready solution and such). Any more details that I can provide?

Hum, that’s super weird.

To be able to reproduce, can you tell exactly what you’re doing? From one page to another with which click.

Also, can you reproduce it with another browser? Another computer?

Whoops, it just happened again, so I can describe it
I am currently accessing it from Opera browser after opening it.
Launching it directly from the starpage (where there are shortcuts). I have triple-checked the bookmark, it is “www.codingame.com”.
I can’t replicate it from other browsers and don’t have access to different computers as of the moment.
Appears to be random and have no direct cause whatsoever.

Actually I have had a similar issue. Whenever I would quit a puzzle by clicking back on the leftmost part of the screen, sometimes it would just take me back to one of the earlier puzzles I was working on(not onboarding in my case), also the /ide/ link.