Onboarding - Puzzle discussion


Your current solution in IDE passes the test. So does the solution given in hint. You haven’t submitted any other solution in another language than Pascal. What am I missing?


advice for a newbie interested in learning code
go or Python?


Python then Go.


clever and nice.


Hey:can you help me
plz idk how i can using




Hi, I just registered and started the initial tutorial. After pressing submit in the tutorial, the page get stuck at “Loading… Computing Score”. I have tried in both Java and C++, and nothing happens. I have tried in Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Here is a link to a picture of the situation.


Same here with PHP. It won’t save the result / let me advance…
Tested on Chrome and Firefox @ macos


It seems to be solved now. Happy coding!


We had an issue yesterday with the submits. It is solved indeed.


Hi, i registered today, and try to submit with no luck, so i think this problem still exists

Language - Javascript


Template code for D (which is now available in the list) is missing during the copy/paste step.


i have a problem with scripting because its not working or im just doing it wrong like my scripts aren’t turning blue


I really don’t like this, it is confusing for me.


i would to ask about some thing please


i dont know what to do help me here.


Does anyone have any ideas of how to make this game a bit more interactive? We would like the participants to be able to move around.


I’m not understanding really how does codingame works


You write a source code in the IDE.
This source code must get text as input and write things as output.
For this puzzle, your aim is that your source code kills the nearest enemy.


Thank you that was good!!!