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Where is the link because i need it.


Did you follow the tutorial that automatically pops up when you enter this puzzle? It, quite literally, writes the solution to the puzzle for you.

If you really want to do it yourself, but don’t know how (???) then there’s a “HINTS” button on the left-side of the screen when you’re in the puzzle IDE. It also will hand-feed you the solution.

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I could pass this using JavaScript. For some reason the inputs are not in the scope of the main script. Did this happen to anyone else?

EDIT: I meant I could NOT pass this one. Unfortunare typo.


I’m not sure what you meant by

the inputs are not in the scope of the main script.

Could you please elaborate? :slight_smile:


Sure, sorry for not providing details, I hoped this is a known issue :slight_smile:

So both the tutorial and the following script:


results in a javascript error:

Standard Error Stream:
ReferenceError: dist1 is not defined
at Answer.js. on line 1


Ok nevermind, I missed the part I need to read those as well. Sry


I am really missing Erlang in this language listing that claims “We support them all!”
I am also slightly missing Cython :wink: for at least some inline cythonizing of code (though having numpy, pandas and scipy available is a nice boon already).


I do not understand anything…this is so complex


comment resoudre le probleme


i need help coding a little on first part of tutorial please i don’t understand it


whats the error message


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specifically in Lua, try catches wont work. first exercise will only allow two inputs, any other attempt to solve the puzzle will result in the “Timeout” error, regardless of frames in the game passed. It’s ok but it doesn’t allow any freedom in the ways you can solve it, there is only one correct solution


Just incase you learn Pls Do teach me


Hi, I’m code ninja. this is my first day on “Onboarding” and i have no clue
what we do here.
Can youb help me out?


You have plenty of help here: read this thread and find help in the Onboarding window itself.


hi im an extreme noob to coding, i cant even get past the first part in the easy practice area where i copy paste the code in the right place, do u have any advice.


I’m afraid CodinGame isn’t well suited for complete beginners. I suggest taking a tutorial to learn the basics and then come back here to practice what you’ve learned. I hope it helps.


im confused my code worked once then now it doesnt work


does anyone here knows how to hack for real