One should not be able to vote on their own contribution

I noticed that I’m able to vote on my own contribution. This doesn’t make sense at all.

So, I propose that a user, who contributed a problem for a clash, should not be able to vote on his/her own challenge.


Naw, I think people should be able to vote for themselves. Shows self confident when you vote your own self in.

It is like those elections where somebody gets only one vote–and they tell people they voted for somebody else, and the vote actually was the crazy cat lady or something.

I agree with @Cool_Guy.
To others, it looks like someone else has liked your contribution.
Self-like feels like a cheat and should be disabled.
(Think about a subtle difference between disclosed and undisclosed sponsored videos on youtube, a hot topic at the moment.)

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Nope dakedesu, it gives CP when a contribution has a +1.
I can write tons of crappy puzzles, vote for each of them and go to level 30.

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I just checked, it doesn’t look like it gives XP when it’s a self-vote. Or do I need to wait until midnight?

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No it doesn’t give you XP nor CP…

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OK but it still makes believe that your contribution is worthy.

On a same note, is it possible to be in a clash, in which the challenge is one of your own contributions ?
I hope not.