Online IDE hich CPU usage

Hello. I have encountered a slightly annoying glitch.

When the IDE is the active tab, Firefox (Iceweasel 38.5.0) spikes to 50~99% CPU usage (value is per core). This happens even when no test is being/have been run and the IDE is not under use.

Thanks for your reading this!

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Do you have this problem with all the puzzles or one in particular?

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The following levels show a sustained load after page load, even without further user interaction:

  • The Descent (title fade)
  • APU: Init Phase (mecha firing)
  • The Paranoid Android (lone android)
  • APU: Improvement Phase (mecha again)
  • The Paranoid Android - One step further (android again)
  • Vox Codei (loading screen)
  • Vox Codei - Redux (loading screen again)

It looks like this corresponds to levels with a visualization that includes an initial animation (see parentheses). Visualizations with no initial animation only use the CPU while a test case is running. Also, it does not depend on the selected language.

Remark: if the tab is entirely loaded without being the current one, the initial animation is not always loaded, but the CPU is still highly used once the tab is focused