Optimization Bilbo - Score wrong?


There may be problem with my score in the Bilbo optimization game. When I post my solution, I got a score of 3633 (I got a screenshot but I am sorry, I am not able to attach it). But when I got to the leaderboard, I can see that my score is 3725.

Is this accurate ? What is my real score ?

A difference of 100 is quite a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help,

If you don’t pass all validators, your solution with less char is not valid.

Thanks for your feedback.

But in the report, everything is green and I got 100%
Is there something that I missed ?

Did you change your language between theses submits?

The validation tests are a bit different than the ones in the IDE. That must explain the difference between the 2 scores. If the validation page states that everything is 100% done, then don’t worry, it’s ok.


No, I didn’t change my language between submits, I am in French.



To explain a bit more, the 2 scores come from the validation tests.

The first score I got, 3633, comes when I submit my code. By the way, there is no position when I submit my code. Is that normal ?
The second score (3725) is the score I see when I go in the leaderboard of the Bilbo optimization game with a position of 37/606

So I don’t understand why my score in the leaderboard is not 3633.
There must be a reason somewhere but I don’t understand.

Thanks for your help.

I believe that you have not reached 100%, I can reproduce the same issue by adding a bug in my solution.

But I agree, it is really not clear what’s happening.

Your ‘3633’ code have only 96% validations. (Even if you submit it 10+ times in a row :D)
Your best score with 100% is ‘3795’ for sure.

Thanks, you are right !
If I check the report when I submit the code, I can see that I didn’t reach 100%.

Thanks a lot for your help.