Optimization games are disappearing?


Recently I submitted a solution for “The great dispatch” optimization game, obtaining a rather good result. However, a day after I checked again to see if I could improve my algorithm, and I was surprised to see that the game was not listed anymore. If I Google “codingame the great dispatch”, I can find the direct link to the leaderboard, but the link to the game itself doesn’t work (it just displays blank screen).

Today I checked again, and I have the feeling that there are even more optimization games missing, although I cannot tell which ones. Is this some kind of weird bug, are the games down for maintenance purposes, or is there any other reason for this?


Yes, sad days :frowning:

Unfortunately, the Great Dispatch puzzle won’t be returning on the platform. We’ll try to inform players earlier next time. I’m really sorry @sprkrd :frowning:

I’ve just had a great idea for an optimization community problem.


Yeah, just out of curiosity - what would happen if someone was to… I don’t know… come up with a similar idea for a game, that remarkably resembles GD? :slight_smile:
I guess the sponsors like it too and want to keep it for themselves.

I didn’t check, but what about the CP earned with this puzzle ?

CP stay (that might be weird). I believe nothing prevents you from submitting the puzzle as a community problem. Just avoid calling it TGD

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Is it possible at least to retrieve our last submitted code?
Or will it be possible?

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via the platform, no. But I can give it to people who ask for it

Pretty weird yes :smiley:


Is-it possible to have a post-moterm to understand what was the best strategies ?