Option to turn on submit confirmation!

I really really didn’t mean to hit submit. You know like when you accidentally delete that file and you can undo? Yeah. I didn’t want to submit that code, but I did click the button on accident.

Please add an option to confirm submit on multiplayer pretty pretty please. I’ll put down the react and pick up the angular if you need help to do it.

Thanks for all CG does!

I’m not sure I see a real need here. So you submitted by accident. What’s the issue? You can change your code and submit again. You really want a confirmation pop-up everytime you submit for the one time you do it by accident?
Maybe I didn’t understand well the issue.

I like it as it is at the moment, the confirmation would be quite annoying.


I think he meant clash of code battles.

However in my opinion, while it is a good thing to have this, when you accidentally hit that button, it could be annoying when you do a “fastest” mode challenge.

apparently you missed the part where I said ‘option’ as in you can turn it on if you like, and leave it off if you dont. But hey, go ahead and dismiss me out of hand without actually responding to my query.

I never said everyone would have to click an option every time.

The situation was I was #2 gold during the FB contest - I accidentally clicked submit instead of run with the same params… The end result cost me 20 spots on the list and the contest ended.

Hey Mark, I’m sorry you felt dismissed. That was not the idea.

Nobody wrote otherwise.

I still fail to see a real need here. I mean, you submitted by error, but you could still get the code from your previous submission and submit it right away, couldn’t you? Minus the submission uncertainty you would get the same ranking.
I don’t think we want to add a setting like that.

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