Participation to code vs. zombies didn't increment my "participate to N contests" achievment


before code vs. zombies, I only took part to one contest (Platinum Rift) which was counted properly in the achievement (I had “let’s-a-go” with 1/3 to next level).

Since I participated to code vs.zombies, this achievement is still at “let’s-a-go” with 1/3 to next level.

Is this a know bug ? Is it linked to ?

@MaximeC, I suppose you could answer / be interested :slight_smile:


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nicolas_patrois, that’s not true… However it seems that there are some issues so do not hesitate to tell us if there is something not correct and we will have a look.

I still have only 3 validated challenges instead of 4 now.

Still 3 validated challenges instead of 4.

I believe you, but we didn’t have the time to have a look to it yet…

OK. :wink:

When is the counter incremented? When we inscribe, when we open the challenge, when we send our code?

I think it’s when the challenge starts or when you enter in the IDE. We are quite busy this week due to big features coming soon. But we have planned to check the achievements.

I still have 3 challenges instead of 4.

As I said, we are working on a really big feature that focus the attention of all the team. We will check that achievement after the release.

I can confirm the counter increase when you enter in the IDE of the contest the first time. When i entered Code vs Zombie for the first time, i saw the notification for the achievement of 6 contests.

OK. Thanks.

I’m still on 1 instead of 2 (if not 3 because I think the winamax/nintendo thing counted).

It’s fixed.

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I confirm it works for me !
Thanks :slight_smile: