PHP bug and code feedback

I was completing a clash and was told the input and expected output would be 99999999999999999 but when I echo’d the input I was getting 92233720… so my last test was always failing. I have an image from the clash if needed.

Also it would be great to be able to see other users solutions to the problem…would really help when learning a new language!

99999999999999999 is too big for languages like php, javascript, python, ruby … (all interpreted languages).

I stopped clashes for others reasons, but yes you have some clashes that you just don’t do in php because of this numbers. I think it’s pretty unfair but well, you can’t really do something about it.

In a compiled language, you can just use a long, or a long long. In java you can use BigInteger.

Make sense, thanks for the reply

Python can handle large numbers. There is no relationship between a language being interpreted and a language not supporting large numbers.

My bad for python. But i can confirm that php, javascript and ruby can’t handle this numbers.

For javascript i know a third party library that can do it (you read the integer as a string and the library handle it as a big integer like in java). But copy/pasting a entire library just for a clash …