[PHP] [Skynet: The Virus] Error fetching more than one gateway node


I think I found an issue in the Triple Star test in Skynet: The Virus while coding in PHP: when there is more than one gateway node, the system seems having some issues fetching the gateways nodes and only fetch the last one. I verified this with the error_logs as following :

error_log(var_export($E, true));
error_log(var_export('------', true));

for ($i = 0; $i < $E; $i++);
    fscanf(STDIN, "%d",
        $EI // the index of a gateway node
    error_log(var_export($EI, true));
$exits[$i] = $EI;

error_log(var_export($exits, true));

Which shows that there are 3 nodes (nodes 0, 18 and 28 using debug mode), but only returns the third node (node 0)

array (
  3 => 0,

Thanks in advance for your help fixing this issue and sorry for the grammar :slightly_smiling:


By no means a php expert but what if instead you did

$exists[] = $EI;

What is your output then? I suspect you’ll have 3 entries in your array. At the moment it looks like in each iteration of the loop you are reinitialising your array.

The problem is the semicolon at the end of this line