Platinum Rift 2 - POD Count Bug

As you can see in the image below one of the cells shows that it has 3 and 5 PODs
But the debug mode shows the correct value which is indeed 5.

Why is the unit overlays so buggy ? Or is it a feature that I am not aware of ?

Buggy Debuger

This happens to me quite a lot.

##UPDATE : Now even the Debug mode is bugged

Link to game Replay :

Buggy Debuger

###Well as you can see :

  • Opponent has 8 PODS on his base on Frame 5 ( Total : 10 PODs on Map )
  • Opponent now has 1 PODS on his base on Frame 6 ( Total : 3 PODs on Map )

But in reality he still has 8 on his home base. Why is the debugger show this wrong info ?
I hope the actual game Input is not giving this wrong information.

###Now you have a job to debug the debugger which is used to debug the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump ! :smile:

Are you working on your PR2 AI these days ? You plan on submitting soon ?

It happend during the contest when you move the cursor in the timeline, it does not occurs while using x0,1 and Play

@pb4608 Yes I am :slight_smile: I have been working on PR2 and have just recently submitted a random AI for PR2 :blush:

@SaiksyApo Hmm I dint use the cursor , I use the arrow keys which moves it frame by frame