Platinum Rift 2 ranking system


I would like to know more about the Platinum Rift 2 ranking system.
After one of last updates of the website (about 2 days ago), the policy of selecting the opponent in arena has changed. From what I observed, every time when my AI starts fighting in arena, the first opponent is a low ranked. If my AI defeats the enemy, next opponent will be (not all the time) a stronger opponent.

What happens, if in a round, player A occupies player B’s base, and player B occupied player A’s base? Who wins? Are occupied tiles counted? Example: replay

Is the number of rounds taken into account when calculating scores? Probably A’s score gain should be higher on a symmetric map, with fixed, interchanged bases, if A wins against B in 10 rounds and B wins against A in 20 rounds.

I would appreciate a response from Codeingame team.
It would be fair to know the rules in time.


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Hello @gr3go,

  1. No changes on the ranking system was done 2 days ago.
  2. As indicated on the animation at the end of your replay (both are marked as winners), the match is a draw when both bases are captured on the same frame
  3. Number of rounds is not taken into account on a non-symmetric game (non-symmetric = bases are not symmetric). On a non-symmetric game if A wins first game and B wins second game, the result of the two games is ignored by our system. Your idea would be a great addition but will not add this rule at this stage of the contest.

BTW, we are using a TrueSkill clone for ranking, you can find more information on this forum or on the internet.

Keep Coding!

Hello @FredTreg,

Thanks for answers. I am using the debug mode for replays only, that’s why did not seen the animation :smile:

Is Codeingame team planning to change anything in ranking mechanism until the end of Platinum Rift 2 contest?