Platinum Rift 2 - Strange replay


I observed a strange behavior in this replay.

In round 9 there is a battle between 0 red and 2 yellow pods on tile 19. Probably that 0 is wrong, it should be 3.
Note: ~5 minutes after this battle, the website became non-functional (bluescreem :))

Codeingame team, please investigate this behavior.


I’ve seen this, too. At least the outcome is correct (1 pod left in this case).

@karol_langner the outcome is not correct.
In round 10 there is a battle on 19: 3Red vs 2Yellow -> 1 left for Red on 19 BUT next round Red also spawns 1 pod, so he should have 2 pods in total in round 11.

I see. That is troubling then.

Hello, I’ve checked the replay. And although the display does indeed get a little confused - the outcome is not incorrect.

In round 10 there is a battle on 19: 3Red vs 2Yellow

As far as I can tell this is untrue. To me there are 2 Reds, and 2 Yellows.
The “+1” next to a unit counter is an indication of how many reinforcements that group of pods acquired at the beginning of a turn. So If you see [001] +1 this does not mean 2 pods. Maybe that was what caused the confusion ?

Nevertheless, thanks for pointing out the problem in the replay.

@julien_poulton You are right, only the representation is wrong. The battle simulation logic is fine.

Found another strange one
The game ended after 368 rounds, although no base was occupied.
Afaik, the round limit is 500!

Edit: another game ended before 500 rounds: replay

In both of these one of the players timed-out.

@lechium06_ Yes, you are right. In case of timeout, there is a chance one can win if rounds limit is reached, owning more tiles that the enemy…
Afaik, timeout caused elimination does not end the game instantly.

The round limit is shortened when only 1 player is left playing. Technically, each player is aloud 250 moves.

@julien_poulton Thanks for the answer.

Another interesting replay.

In round 8, 2 pods of the red player disappears on tile 10, after a battle between 3 red and 1 yellow pod.
Hope, situations like these, will not appear during final evaluation of PR2.

You’ve found another graphical issue, there a actually 3 yellow pods. You can see all three if you play in speed x0.1, but for some reason the keyframe only shows 1…
Thanks for pointing that out.