[Platinum Rift - Episode 2] Not debuggable timeouts

Hi all,

my AI is dropped from 76th place to more than 350th in Platinum Rift Episode 2.
So strange I did just some minor changes.

Anyway I checked last battles to try understand what was wrong and… surprise!
I checked only 5 or 6 lost battles: all of them was lost due to timeout, but when loaded in IDE no timeout was detected.

Is there something I can do with more care or is it just a matter of servers load?

Thank you

Can somebody please try to submit his code (better if in C++ as I do) on Platinum Rift - Episode 2 to check if the problem is only for my code (so I have to change something) or to confirm there is some codingame problem?

I can’t believe my code timeouts about one half of times in ranking computation battles and never in the IDE

Thank you all

I found the cause. There was a bug in my code! A not initialized variable.

Anyway I think the fact programs in IDE does not crashes while in ranking computing battles it does, is enough to say that the program runs in two different environment.

I think you know who much can be frustrating for a programmer being not able to reproduce the error, so making more similar the two environments (IDE and ranked battles) could be helpful in such cases.

Once said that, codingame is awesome!

Thank you all for attention.

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