Platinum Rift II - Your rules

This rules is like the first one (Moba Style), all the pods spawn at your base and you have to conquer the enemy base to win.

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good idea dkamenetsky but let the player choose if he wanna spawn in a pre set location (cost less maybe 10 or 15 platinum) or spawn whenever he wants in his terretory (20 plat cost).


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To complete this algorithm, in the actuality map the symetric zone of id is (149-id). For each pair of symetric zones choose randomly one zone, then we have a half set and we can process the precedent algorithm.

Good idea!
I’d propose 20 platinum price for auto spawn, and 40 platinum for anywhere on own territory.

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I like the idea of the rule that has been implemented yesterday, but I think it would be nice to push its concept a little bit further.

The motto of yesterday’s rule is “Your AI must adapt to every situation”. It is actually quite easy to detect which map the AI is playing on, and thus, writing several algorithms that will be chosen according to the selected map.

The ultimate challenge would be a randomly generated map in every match (well, every pair of matches, with reverse spawns, as it is right now).

I think it would require our AIs to be trully adaptive, instead of switching between N tactics as the map pool has a limited number of maps.

What do you think ?


I fully support the idea of randomly generated maps for each match. This will truly test our AIs. If this is not possible then there is another alternative. For the final testing you can reserve a set of maps (that we don’t see) and test our AIs on those maps.

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That is an extract from rules:

zoneCount = 154 (may be changed during the contest if balancing is required < 200)
linkCount = 306 (may be changed during the contest if balancing is required < 400)

However new map exceeds these limits with zoneCount = 368 and linkCount = 564.
It is not a big problem for me to correct my algorithm to stop crashing, but please fix either rules or map.


Yes you’re right.
Thanks for poiting this out.

Have you any preferences for generation algorithm? Binding of isaac, MiroorMoon, others?

I think that the only constraint should be the number of continents, like 1, 2 or 3 top. The less constraints, the more random the maps will be, and the more adaptive our AIs must be.

Perhaps one useful constraint would be the average degree of nodes. Low degree gives us maps with many corridors, while high degree gives us bulky maps. Also perhaps there should be a minimum size for a continent (connected component). For example, we probably don’t want continents with <=5 nodes.

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There needs to be rules for player spawns, we don’t really want islands or continents with only one player… (or zero players :smiley:)

Little change which implies very different strategy :

Your PODs can’t move on an ennemy cell if there is at least one ennemy POD on it, and PODs have a 1-cell range gun. If opponents arrive at the same turn in a cell, fights occurs as now. To chose on which cell firing, it’s the same command as now for moves (if cell is free, you move on it, if not you fire on it with the number of PODs you selected).

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Bad idea.
The game can be blocked with this rule.
Let’s suppose that each player have enough areas to produce at least one pod each turn.
Let’s suppose again that the only area that can be attacked (different players) is a corridor.
Then each turn, player 1 add pods on this area, same for player 2, and the battle never finish.

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Only one continent is good.


How about some neutrals start with pods. These can be chosen randomly or assigned based on neutral production. High neutral productions (>=4) can get 1 pod, the rest get 0. The neutral pods don’t move and just sit there. The rules for fighting against neutral pods is identical to normal fighting rules (majority wins). If there is a draw then you don’t take the neutral zone, as expected. With this rule there will be more strategy at the start where you can simply take any neutral. You will need to think which ones to go for, since you don’t want to waste pods early in the game. You will also need to build your pods in order to take some high production neutrals.

New rule: multiple bases. Each player starts with multiple bases. A new bot is spawned automatically (if there is enough platinum) into one of the bases chosen at random. What do you guys think?


Build expand for 80 platinum

The rule of week 2 (capture the flag) is a bit modified. Pods aren’t created automatically anymore. We have to buy it with command 2.

An expand is built with command 2 -1 position on a zone that belongs to the player.
An expand or a base can’t be built on a platinum zone and are destroyed when another player capture the zone.

So in coding our AI, we have to decide :

  • Build pods but long path to reinforce.
  • No pods but strategic position near platinum or enemy zone.

Like viraxay’s proposal, neutral HQ Base on map. For capture it, players need to sacrify 3 pods  (ennemies or allies) on this area then need last pod for capture it.