Platinum rift: incorrect ownershiping of zones

Platinum rift incorrectly changes the ownership of a zone, as can be seen in the following link:

At turn=9, zone=83, player 2 moves 1 pod to the zone, in the same turn, player 1 buys 1 pod in it. Both pods figth and die. But the zone is captured by the player 1

The instructions said this shouldn’t happen as the ownership changes after the figth:

First step: distributing. Each player receives a number of Platinum bars related to the number of Platinum available on their owned zones.
Second step: moving. Each player moves as many troops as they want on the map.
Third step: buying. Each player buys PODs et puts them on the map.
Fourth step: fighting. Once all players have completed steps 1, 2 and 3, fights are triggered on zones.
Fifth step: owning. Ownership of zones changes.

Can confirm this happening every once in a while. @fredericdesmoulins @FredTreg

There is no bug in gameplay, if you look at play in 0.1 speed or look at logs describing the turns, you can see that red player spawn one unit on this hexagone and move an other unit to this hexagon, while the yellow player only spawn one unit.
The red unit alive then go to the 72 hexagon at next turn.
So the only bug is visual for step by step execution.


I did step by step so i couldn’t see the problem neither. Thanks for the info

True, it is not a bug. That solves all. Thanks

We’ve solved this graphical issue. It should no longer be a problem.