Polydivisible number puzzle - Integer flow with javascript

There are 64-bit floating point values, the largest exact integral value is 253-1, or 9007199254740991 . In ES6, this is defined as Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER.

Solving Test5 In this Puzzle with javascript:

Input: 02 00 08 05 05 08 00 01 00 15 14 08 18 06 15 06 00
to Base10: 12360600901222567000000 (as a String)

for example while trying to resolve if the number is polydivisible you won’t be able to parse the string 12360600901222567 to Integer

is it possible to remove the tests which resolving the overflow?
(btw it is possible to solve the puzzle with BigInt library in node environment`)

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