Porcupine Fever - Input wrong?

In the community puzzle “Porcupine Fever” you are give tuples of input with the number of sick (S), healthy (H) and alive (A) pigs. From my understanding and the input of pretty much all test cases S + H = A. That’s not the case in test case “Dead Farm” where a couple of times S + H > A and the only way to clear the validator is to overwrite A with S + H in the input. Is my thinking seriously borked here or is there a problem with the inputs?

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Yes, there is a problem with the inputs.
I’m not sure how QC is done here, but the creator and/or approvers might be able to fix the problem? @Unihedron, @Wladek

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Other two approvers… I’m only allowed to mention 2 people at a time right now.

@JBM, @Arglanir

I validated that one without even looking at the A count, so yeah, that’s a very plausible issue.
My suggestion would be to do the same; but if you’ve got specific cases for me to fix, I’d gladly take care of them too.

Edit: oh wait, there is an explicit test case. Ok, here I go.

Counter-edit: looks like the author fixed already (fifteen minutes ago). Reload and try again?

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Inputs are correct now. Thanks :wink:

Sorry to have validated that with an error. I did get an error but I thought I had forgotten something in my code, and after a little modification (probably a modification that doesn’t use “A” directly) all was ok.
I found the redundancy of information a little strange and I should have checked that.

Hey, I fixed that. I crafted the last two test cases “large farms” with an automated script, which did not add up numbers properly. I did fix that later for the final test case, but I forgot to regenerate the second to last test case. It’s an embarrassing mistake which should now be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for sticking with it!

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