Possible AsciiArt IDE bug

Hi guys, i’m new to programming and i’m trying to figure out this level.
But i think i’ve spotted a bug:
When trying to display a letter which has the first character as a space, the space doesn’t show.
so i tryied to figure out what was wrong with my code…
At a certain point i’ve just written: printf(" “); But any space didn’t show up in the console.
So i tryied printf(” ."; and nothing happened again.
So i tryied in another IDE (in the Thor one)… And printf(" "); worked fine.

Is it me or the IDE? If it’s me i’m really sorry, i’m new to programming and C.


I confirm: first output line is sometimes trimmed. This also happens in some challenges in Clash of Code (drawing in ASCII art).

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So it wasn’t me!
Thank you for confirming my hypothesis.

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It can get worse: empty lines can be entirely skipped.

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