Possible Rotation Bug in Smash The Code

I am in the silver league and I have not implemented decision making for the orientation of the blocks yet, I always print “|my decided move| 1”, in other words the blocks should always be vertical. But the orientation of my blocks keep changing, sometimes its vertical and sometimes its horizontal. And I have checked, my code does always print 1 for the rotation. It also seems that the boss is experiencing this problem as he is running out of space far more often than he should (usually never).
Please let me know if I should provide more information.

if you look carefully at this replay, the Boss starts with the move “0 0” and the blocks are horizontal and at frame 17 he prints “1 0” thus the blocks should be the same orientation but they are vertical in the GUI.

And now it seems to be fixed :slightly_smiling:

Yes, it was a momentary bug, sorry for the inconvenience.

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