PR2 AI source code


I finally got access to my PR2 source code. Some people asked me to see my code, and I’m totally comfortable with that, but as the challenge is now in the training part, I wanted to know if the codingame team sees sharing the AI on this forum as a good or a bad idea ?

It’s a tough question, because it provided people one of the best method to do the game and prevent people from learning it but at the same time, it’s a game without achievement and even your AI can be improved since it’s a multiplayer game.

A good compromise would be to print only the relevant informations and to censor yourself on the most obvious things (path finding for example?)

Another way is to explain mostly and provide code only when necessary.

That’s as far as I can tell to you with my current status, if you want a definitive answer, wait for an admin. :slight_smile:

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There may be a PR3 so I would probably avoid giving out my code if asked.

Hi @darksharcoux,

I think if you share your whole code it could demotivate those who would like to play PR2 in the training section (knowing that anyone would be able to push your code to reach the top).
I totally agree with @CvxFous It’s a good idea to share your strategy here because many PR2 participants would love it :slight_smile: (with snippets of code if you think it can help people to better understand the logic behind the words).

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Ok. In this case, I think that all the elements are already in the PR2 feedback.

I think you can share your solution with another top 10 players :wink:
Personally, I would be very interested to see your decision, while I have no reason to use it to improve results in the training.