Printf and fprintf keep seg faulting in contest (C)

I’m not even certain what the crap is going on with this… however, I’ve been checking to see if attempting to write to STDOUT and STDERR after the time out has been causing it… but that seems like a REALLY weird racing issue to get an error over.

I’ve literally been changing my code so as to output something quicker (but usually stupid) for my first turn (after pulling information)… but the segment fault on the file handles seems to not always happen at the same point (but usually it happens within the first couple writes)

Uh… anybody have any clue what is happening? Anybody else having a similar issue?

I figured it out. I thought it was a Timeout error.

Turns out I had a function named “hello()” that was suppose to return a typedef struct of the “type” “board_s”.

I had forgotten to add a “return world;” statement in my function for setting up the game board. Turns out not having that return statement resulted in a situation that made printf and fprintf segment fault.

This broke my brain, and now I’m laughing uncontrollably at how weird that resulting error was. I’m going to eat some candy and think about my place in the universe for a bit.

So yeah…