Probable issue with non-ascii chars in validator #4 of Snake Encoding community puzzle

I just did the Snake Encoding community puzzle and with the exact same code, I’m getting 75% at validation with Python and 100% with Python3.

I suspect the fourth validator might be including non-ascii chars, which some languages may not handle correctly out of the box. As a result one can have a correct algorithm, pass all IDE tests and fail one validator for a reason he will not easily be able to determine.

Would it be possible to fix this?

You suspect right : lots of people have been “complaining” on the chat about this problem and have been solving it by switching to UTF-8.

If not changing the validator, at least it would be a good thing to put the relevant test in the IDE and specify in the puzzle description that it is necessary to switch to UTF-8.

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Can you try again?

Works fine with Python now :+1: