Problem with firefox crashing all the time

Hi CodingGame,

I’m participating and having a lot of fun with the Fantastic Bits contest.

However my fun is interleaved with very frequent (can be every 5 minutes) crashes of Firefox. When the popup window that states that a JS script is blocked and ask me to stop it is not coming, then Firefox is crashing completely asking me to send a crash report (If all of them arrived to Firefox team, they should be a bit flooded by me since I had so much crashes since the beginning of the contest that I’m counting them anymore).

This is happening most of the time whenever I’m viewing my last battles or even when I’m opening the leaderboards…

Does anyone has the same issue as me? or at least an advice to reduce the amount of problems?

I’m running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with firefox 50.0.2.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Have you try chrome/chromium?

This same constant crashing happened to me when do the Accountant contest, (month ago?), I have to install chrome for that contest.

Everything work fine for me now, both in chrome and firefox, I have no idea what happened back then.


Thanks for your proposal.
yes I did but in chrome I’m getting very weird graphical bugs whenever a spell is invoked.

I believe I’ll have to use both to be able to debug efficiently.