Profile page and forum account

The forum account should link to the CG profile page, I see no point in hiding it…

I see that the discourse badges have been disabled, probably to emphasize the CG achievements, which I agree to. :thumbsup:


I’m pretty sure the reason the profiles aren’t linked is technical.

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You can manually provide some crude linkage. Click on my user name above this post. You will see a clickable link to my CG profile page. You can set this via Profile -> Preferences -> Web Site.

I recommend that everyone fill this in with their CG profile page. It would be nice if this could be auto-populated by default.

  • danBhentschel

Yeah it’s a pretty annoying thing, I agree. There are some settings to make it work in admin.

The issue is about synchronization of info: if username/email/avatar changes on CG, how to make it change on the forum without losing all links with previous mentions, topics?
Also if we do it, do we override all current info on forum profiles?

We are not Discourse pros and we always have something better to do, but yeah, it could be nice if we make it happen…

Why not adding Maths between Lisp and .Net in the profile?