Profile picture and cover problem

Apparently I cannot upload a custom profile picture nor a cover image.
After uploading a new image file (I tried with jpg and png), it asks me to crop, and then it changed to this “prohibition sign” (not what I uploaded).
Any help?
Thank you

Solved using a different PC (different OS and browser). Still problem with Windows 10 and Chrome.

What is the file you’re trying to upload? svg? ico?

I tried with a jpg and a png. The odd thing is that now I see the “prohibition sign” as profile picture for this forum, but I haven’t uploaded anything (the original problem was for the site pictures, not the forum ones).

I don’t see any prohibition signs on your cover, nor your avatar (on CodinGame, not the forum).

I successfully uploaded a cover and avatar using a different OS and browser, so now they display correctly

sorry I read too quickly :confused:

I have the same problem… I’ve uploaded a profile picture and a cover picture several times. It never worked. I always get a prohibition sign (red circle with a bar). I tried using a different pc and a different browser with no luck.

This is quite interesting by the way. Top left, my picture is displayed as a prohibition sign. In the thread, it shows differently. More importantly, the creator of this thread also has a prohibition sign for his profile picture, even though he said the problem was solved…

Your picture is still a red circle for me…

I had the same problem today. What worked for me was scaling the image down to 400px square and resubmitting. Apparently, it doesn’t do that automatically. I was at around 4000px before.

Yes actually we have this behavior if the image you want to upload is too big. We had performance issues following the reddit hug, and this was one of them, so we fixed it urgently like that. Sorry about that.

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Yes the surface limit is currently 9000000 pixel (i.e. 3000x3000). We need to improve the user feedback that’s for sure.

Just to clarify, I never uploaded a picture to my forum profile (so I don’t know why it shows like that) and I just re-uploaded the very same picture on my main profile, just from a different OS (no manual resize before upload).
I hope it helps.