Proposal: Codereviews after finding a solution to a task


I came over from CheckIO, which is Python only, since CodinGame supports more programming languages.
One thing I really miss here:
After you solved a task (=100%) in CheckIO you could publish your solution to others who have solved it too and review, discuss and rate these solutions for readability, efficency etc.

I learned a lot by reading code from others which solved the same problem.

On CodinGame I can’t see how solving tasks helps me in becoming a better software developer.
Just accumulating some points is somewhat pointless.



Hi @Arigion,

I miss this feature as well. Getting access to other solutions after the 100% score would be great.

Best wishes

Everybody misses that feature, I heard at the beginning, it was here on CG, but since it was badly implemented, they remove it.

But i’m 100% sure that it will come back sooner or later.

I’m also very interested in a code review feature! This would be excellent. Perhaps a feature would be paid code review?

For instance, you pay a certain amount of money and have another person of higher rank than you review all of your code?

Is there any follow-up on this ?

I am voting also for this feature. After all we are all here to play and learn. And what better way to learn than to look some other coding ideas.