Proposition for contest

Hey Oy!
I thought of a game that might be suitable for a later contest:
This game is buggy as hell, and some things like a score should be added to the contest, but I think its base principle to be interesting.
However, the type of challenge is similar to “Botters of the Galaxy”:
long actions and 2D gestion of moving objects.

I don’t have the skills/time to make a proper implent of this game, but I just want to put that there as an idea.

You who have read these lines, have a good day.

Edit: Sorry for the post out of the topic for new challenge proposition. I should have read the other posts. Can someone move this message to the appropriate topic? (or even delete it, I will repost it at the proper place)


(i don’t like BotG)

Anyway, for a contest the question you must ask yourself is not “Is this a good game ?”. The real question is “Is this a good game for an AI ?”.


Is it good for AI?
Yes of course it is.

The issue here actually is it might not fit in with this community / platform, for whatever various reasons there might be.

You are probably better off just playing with your own OpenAI bot version on Dota2 when you have the time and rejoice in that.

Or you could script that game yourself, simplify it (a lot) and then submit your idea, quite sure it can get approved if it’s unique and oversimplified.

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