Publish only 100% solution?

I think it would make sense to publish 100% solution only. I have solved the roller coaster puzzle and realized that most of the published solution won’t pass the last “big data” test case. Without the last test there is not too much learning possibilities out there…
Or the solution should display the solution percentage and order them descending.

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Is that really the case? I have a very basic algorythm for this challenge (kind of optimised FIFO with no check for redundency). It does not pass the big data IDE test but passes the big data validation test thus being an 100% solution.

All the solutions pass the validators but maybe for some puzzles we should add more validators (but the score won’t be recomputed for all the solutions automatically).

It’s a bit strange if big data IDE test fails, but validator passes (to be 100%) solution. I would rather consider it a bug.
In fact i have not tried to submit my code, until all tests pass, so i haven’t noticed it.
But later i was interested how others solved the big data case, and the submitted solutions are full of naive implementation, that is not capable to solve the big data test…
This way it does not offer me any new learning, so i won’t use this solutions feature.

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Can you send me in private the code of a solution that shouldn’t have passed all the validators? I’ll add a validator.

I can send you my code as this is the case